Beautiful Burnaby Mountain!

Haven’t been to Burnaby Mountain Park yet? You are there if you don’t want to miss your winter-time-fun.

The large area of Burnaby Mountain Park is ideal for family picnic. There is a playground for kids .You can bring your food and enjoy family picnic under the warmth of Burnaby sunlight. And if it snows, your kids are going to have lots of fun.  Burnaby mountain park is a great site for winter sledding.

What more?


  • This park has a spectacular view of downtown Vancouver, Indian arm and Burrard inlet.
  •  Nicely decorated with tall wooden sculptures rose garden and seasonal eco-sculptures.
  • This is a perfect place if you want to walk around or hike through the trails. The park connects to Trans Canada trail through some smaller trails.
  • Burnaby mountain conservation area also offers mountain biking activities for visitors.

Is that all?

No. the great news is that you have a restaurant in this park. Horizon restaurant offers cozy atmosphere along with its delicious dishes.  Restaurant staffs are very hospitable and receive their customers warmly. This restaurant is a perfect hangout spot for couples and friends.

You can have your reservation to get one of the most pleasant seats. Horizon offers discount on foods if you got a coupon (which the restaurant authority provides to every customers).


How to reach there?

Burnaby Mountain Park is a part of Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area, at the top of Burnaby Mountain. It is on centennial way, at 7 minute driving distance from Hasting Street, Burnaby. If you are using public transit you can easily reach to Burnaby Mountain Park from SFU transportation center. It will take 17 minute walk from SFU transportation center.

So come to Burnaby Mountain and have big fun this winter!


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