2 CSS3 Fetures You Need to Know

1. CSS3 Multi-Column Layout

This feature allows users to break a webpage text in to multiple columns, thus improving readability of the text. Two proparties related with Multi-column layout are “column-width” and “column-count”.

2. CSS3 @font-face

This CSS3 feature lets one to use online fonts. CSS3 @font-face rule includes descriptors such as, “font-family”, “src”, “font-variant”, “font-weight”, “font-stretch”, “font-style” and “unicode-range”.


2 HTML5 Elements that will Make Your Code Interective

1. HTML5  <details> Elements

This is one of the interactive elements introduced in HTML5. This element allows users to view additional information.

<summary>Some summary text</summary> 
<p>Some details text</p> 

HTML details element includes a summary element as its first child that is followed by flow content.

Attributes : Accepts Global attributes

The Boolean attribute <open> adds visibility to the content.

<details open> 
<summary>Some open summary text</summary> 
<p>Some details text</p> 

2. HTML 5 <datalist>  Element

HTML5 <datalist> element allows users to select an option from a predefined dropdown-list. It includes the option element to specify value of the dropdown-list.

<datalist id="some-id"> 
<option value="Value One"> 
<option value="Value Two"> 

Attributes :  Accepts Global attributes

<id> attribute is used to specify <datalist> element
<list> and <name> attribute within input element

<input list="somelist" name="listname"> 
<datalist id="somelist"> 
<option value="Value One"> 
<option value="Value Two"> 

5 Simple Tricks to Style Your WordPress Blog

Here are 5 simple tricks to improve your Blog’s look.

Add a Theme to your Blog :  A pre-built theme Highwind is used for this Blog .

Customize your selected theme : Different options are available to give your blog a new look. You can use your logo to improve your online presence. I have added a profile picture on the header area rather than using only blog title. 

Experiment with  layout and styles : Some WordPress themes have layout options. As for my theme my posts are on the left side and sidebar on right. I have replaced the default background color with my selected background color. For my posts I have added different colors to Headings.

Upload images that suits your blog content : It’s good idea to add featured images that are relevant to your posts. The picture above has been used as the featured image.

Add widgets to make your blog attractive : For my blog I have used two widgets which allow users to view blog statics and visits to the page.