2 CSS3 Fetures You Need to Know

1. CSS3 Multi-Column Layout

This feature allows users to break a webpage text in to multiple columns, thus improving readability of the text. Two proparties related with Multi-column layout are “column-width” and “column-count”.

2. CSS3 @font-face

This CSS3 feature lets one to use online fonts. CSS3 @font-face rule includes descriptors such as, “font-family”, “src”, “font-variant”, “font-weight”, “font-stretch”, “font-style” and “unicode-range”.


2 HTML5 Elements that will Make Your Code Interective

1. HTML5  <details> Elements

This is one of the interactive elements introduced in HTML5. This element allows users to view additional information.

<summary>Some summary text</summary> 
<p>Some details text</p> 

HTML details element includes a summary element as its first child that is followed by flow content.

Attributes : Accepts Global attributes

The Boolean attribute <open> adds visibility to the content.

<details open> 
<summary>Some open summary text</summary> 
<p>Some details text</p> 

2. HTML 5 <datalist>  Element

HTML5 <datalist> element allows users to select an option from a predefined dropdown-list. It includes the option element to specify value of the dropdown-list.

<datalist id="some-id"> 
<option value="Value One"> 
<option value="Value Two"> 

Attributes :  Accepts Global attributes

<id> attribute is used to specify <datalist> element
<list> and <name> attribute within input element

<input list="somelist" name="listname"> 
<datalist id="somelist"> 
<option value="Value One"> 
<option value="Value Two"> 

5 Simple Tricks to Style Your WordPress Blog

Here are 5 simple tricks to improve your Blog’s look.

  • Add a Theme to your Blog :  A pre-built theme Highwind is used for this Blog .
  • Customize your selected theme : Different options are available to give your blog a new look. You can use your logo to improve your online presence. I have added a profile picture on the header area rather than using only blog title. 
  • Experiment with  layout and styles : Some WordPress themes have layout options. As for my theme my posts are on the left side and sidebar on right. I have replaced the default background color with my selected background color. For my posts I have added different colors to Headings.
  • Upload images that suits your blog content : It’s good idea to add featured images that are relevant to your posts. The picture above has been used as the featured image.
  • Add widgets to make your blog attractive : For my blog I have used two widgets which allow users to view blog statics and visits to the page.

Beautiful Burnaby Mountain!

Ana Pandey

Haven’t been to Burnaby Mountain Park yet? You are there if you don’t want to miss your winter-time-fun.

The large area of Burnaby Mountain Park is ideal for family picnic. There is a playground for kids .You can bring your food and enjoy family picnic under the warmth of Burnaby sunlight. And if it snows, your kids are going to have lots of fun.  Burnaby mountain park is a great site for winter sledding.

What more?


  • This park has a spectacular view of downtown Vancouver, Indian arm and Burrard inlet.
  •  Nicely decorated with tall wooden sculptures rose garden and seasonal eco-sculptures.
  • This is a perfect place if you want to walk around or hike through the trails. The park connects to Trans Canada trail through some smaller trails.
  • Burnaby mountain conservation area also offers mountain biking activities for visitors.

Is that all?

No. the great news is that you have a restaurant in this…

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